We make Zero waste outerwear in Italy. 


ZEROBARRACENTO was created not to revolutionise, but to restructure (re-shape) the values of the fashion industry, escaping seasonal trends and restrictions imposed by age and gender: do not be scared to express your self. 

Seasonless garments, at the same time armor of invincibility and protection, are designed for longevity, on an idea of connection and durability.

The name ZEROBARRACENTO comes from the great attention to sustainability and production traceability:

  • ZERO waste, reduction of pollution and emissions, gender and age.
  • CENTO% quality of the made in Italy, use of fabrics, sustainability and transparency of production.


The Materials 

We only use top quality materials that come from certified sustainable suppliers and our production chain fully respects the principles of circularity.

We make our statement by using the three principles: clean, essential and Italian lines. 

Zerobarracento outerwear coats zero waste design | About Camilla Carrara


Clean Materials

We only use top-quality materials that come from certified suppliers and hold a production/consumption chain that respects the circularity principles. 

Essential Lines

The brand redefines the production processes and all the choices that have to be taken into account during the creation of a collection as each element is designed to achieve zero-waste. What is zero - waste? It is a pattern making technique and commitment reached at 360 degrees, thanks to the use of monofibre products that include selvedges and the abolition of accessories difficult to disassemble.


Made Sustainably in Italy

We are proudly designed and made in a sustainable Italy. The top-class materials we use come from a sustainable production chain, which has enabled us to develop full traceability for our products.

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Camilla Carrara 

ZEROBARRACENTO does not judge but welcomes, it does not exclude but includes, it does not waste but enhances. The brand is founded on the idea of creating garments that last and can can pass from mother to daughter, from generations to generations"Camilla Carrara, founder and designer of ZEROBARRACENTO.

Originally from Milan, born in 1991, after a degree in Fashion Design at Politecnico di Milano in 2015 the young designer took a Master in Sustainable Fashion at ESMOD in Berlin.

Right after her university years, she knew that sustainability would have been the mission and path she would be taking. Camilla, indeed, started creating her brand ZEROBARRACENTO. In 2016 she won a 12-month research grant in sustainable textiles offered by Salvatore Ferragamo and ‘Fondazione per il Clima e la Sostenibilità’.

In the past years the designer has often been invited as guest-speaker into different schools and universities (Axis College, University of the Incarnate Word, Bocconi, 24 Ore Business School and Polimoda Florence) to explain the value of a zero - waste garment. 

Since 2021 she is a member of Redress Design Award regional jury, the largest sustainable fashion design competition and she is also a part of the C.L.A.S.S. team, an eco-hub and agency for the promotion of sustainable fashion, where she is involved in different researches and projects.

Awards and recognitions

She developed and launched her first collection in Berlin with the support of Hessnatur - a German company focused on sustainable fashion that promotes young designers’ works - by presenting it for the first time at the Green Showroom during Berlin Fashion Week in January 2016, thanks to a sponsorship with Messe Frankfurt.

ZEROBARRACENTO project, still in its embryonic research phase, has been receiving several awards such as the Recycling Design Preis, the Creative Conscience Award, the MAD MOOD for Ethical Fashion Prize.

In September 2019 the brand won "TheOneSeasonless Award", promoted by TheOne Milano; it thus received the special prize within the competition for young designers ‘Mittelmoda’ chaired by Matteo Marzotto and promoted by Camera della Moda and Confindustria Moda.

In the same year ZEROBARRACENTO was selected for the Createx Project promoted by the European Union and Camilla decided that it was the right time to enter into the market. 

In 2020 it was selected by WORTH Partnership Project, the only European project where designers, small and medium sized enterprises, manufacturers and suppliers work together to develop innovative and design-oriented business ideas.

In 2021 ZEROBARRACENTO won instead the second prize of the Sustainable Contest Montecarlo Fashion Week and according to Vogue Talents, the brand is on the shortlist of the best emerging designers and it was selected for Camera Moda's Designer for Planet project during Milan Fashion Week in June 2021.

The brand has been also selected over the years for many prestigious fashion events, such as Showcase, an Altaroma project of Scouting for new talents and independent Made in Italy brands.  

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zerobarracento outerwear coats minimal japan


Join us outside of gender, age and time.


Zerobarracento outerwear coats zero waste design | About Camilla Carrara

Zerobarracento outerwear coats zero waste design | About Camilla Carrara