We make Zero waste outerwear in Italy. 

Our design mission

We create zero-waste silhouettes that celebrate the personality of those who wear it, no matter their age or gender.
ZEROBARRACENTO is designed to accompany them in the days of life when they truly feel like expressing themselves.

We place extreme attention to our design process. Usually, around 15% of textiles go wasted during production. By developing our zero-waste technique, we eliminate textile waste at the design stage. This is our unique approach at the core of our contribution to reduce the use of natural resources. 

We make our statement by using the three principles: clean, essential and Italian lines. 

Zerobarracento outerwear coats zero waste design | About Camilla Carrara


Clean Materials

We only use top-quality materials that come from certified suppliers and hold a production/consumption chain that respects the circularity principles. 

Essential Lines

Each and every piece we design is self-complementary. We design outwear thinking about the life-cycle of our products. For this reason we do not include any addition that might go to waste such as buttons, zippers or hooks.

To express it's design in full, the minimalism of the selvedges and the very few seams are all a ZEROBARRACENTO piece really needs. 

Made Sustainably in Italy

We are proudly designed and made in a sustainable Italy. The top-class materials we use come from a sustainable production chain, which has enabled us to develop full traceability for our products.

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See behind the 0 and 100 as our statements: 0% of waste and 0% of gender.  100% sustainable in factual terms, 100% clean and 100% inclusive.


Zerobarracento Awards: WORTH 2020 | TheOne Seasonless award for Mittelmoda 2019 | Createx Project 2019 | Mad Mood prize for Ethical Fashion at MFW 2017 | CCA, June 2016 | Recycling Design Preis 2015

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Join us outside of gender, age and time.


Zerobarracento outerwear coats zero waste design | About Camilla Carrara

Zerobarracento outerwear coats zero waste design | About Camilla Carrara