AW 23/24

All humans are interconnected, bonded, and one, as represented by the "Interlinked Humans" collection. In order to create a more balanced vision, it might be possible to revisit, reappropriate, and blend old and new production processes. It is the goal of every product to last as long as possible as well as to create an emotional connection with the person who chooses it. Minimalism is the starting point, dialogue with nature is next, and reducing our carbon footprint is a back-to-the-loop option before we rejuvenate in the quietest hours of the night.

The AW 2023/2024 collection has thirteen pieces that are both clean and sophisticated looking. Gray is a timeless and practical color, while hints of dark charcoal gray communicate some of the strength and mystery of black. It's a sophisticated color that balances the collection. The touch of warmth in the pieces as you are wrapped like a blanket signifies coziness and protection. When we link it back to the "Interlinked Humans” collection we want to create an emotional connection of calm and striving for something more.

With a focus on comfort and protection, we offer products that can adapt to your changing needs as you grow. You can feel protected and safe here, and it's a place where you can connect to your clothes. As you continually change and evolve, you are meant to fall in love with them over and over again. As humans, we want to feel comfort, coziness, and security and our connection to that feeling interlinks us.