SS 2022

“A Silent Hug” represents a new beginning through the intrinsic values of ZEROBARRACENTO: made in Italy production and certified, high quality materials and functional design, presenting a silent luxury, soft and sharp  at the same time. A slow path from 0 to 100 that helps to make you feel special and intimately cuddled at every stage of your life. The volumes and the relaxed fit are well suited to a more complete outfit, created for a mood with a strong boost to comfort.

A clean canvas to experiment with to create novelties, from loose fits to new oversized proportions. Details focused on a timeless, high-quality design that works transeasonally. Minimalist silhouette, clean and sophisticated look, with soft yet captivating volumes. “A Silent Hug” conveys a sense of optimism and a desire to escape, indeed, ZEROBARRACENTO wants to offer an identity uniform , an armor of invincibility and protection, a product capable of embracing and accompanying those who choose it, adapting to the body, style and evolution of personality. A secure blanket that provides physical and mental comfort and ensures an emotional connection with the garments so that they last long enough to fall in love with them every day.