SS 2023

A positive relationship to the effortless style collection represents the search for quiet and calm-related feelings. Empty spaces and places, capable of instilling wellness and relaxation, become the perfect theatre for products and items narrated with a calm and delicate approach.​

A palette featured by nude and neutral shades, caressed by dusty pastel tints illuminated by  tepid glares. The clever mix of chromatic gradations enhances the feeling of calm and tranquillity.​ From powder pink, cyclamen, light blue and beige to ocra, olive and black.

Minimalist, simple garment cuts complement organic irregular surfaces intensified using pleated detail. For the first time we introduce in the collection loose pants, pleated maxi skirts and shorts.

We embrace the imperfections, the organic and uncontrolled surfaces. We welcome back some unsold pieces from the previous collections staying true to our zero waste commitment. 

All the pieces are created to help wearers in feeling confident, special and intimately cuddled outside the idea of gender, age and time.