November, 2018

Zerobarracento joins Cikis. A new e-commerce platform dedicated to sustainable luxury whose claim is: “Green is the new chic”.

Starting with the physical event at Spazio Nur on November 28th, Zerobarracento proudly joins this innovative network, enlarging the selling channels to reach even more targeted potential customers and enlarge its network.

November 2018


November, 2018

Zerobarracento will join Budapest Fashion Week on Sunday, November 14th presenting the new SS2019.

The bi-annual Budapest Central European Fashion Week takes place in the capital this November 14-16, offering a variety of programs for visitors both domestic and foreign. The Budapest Central European Fashion Week features appearances by both established and emerging Hungarian, Czech, Slovak, Polish and other selected international fashion brands, designers, and young talents.

November 2018


November, 2018

Zerobarracento will join Chez Babette Garage Sale on Sunday, November 11th. All the AW 2018/2019 will be available for sales.

Do not miss the chance to try on our precious zero waste pieces made with Re.VerSo transformed wool and Newlife recycled polyester.

November 2018


November, 2018

Zerobarracento AW 2018/2019 outfit worn by Diana de Marsanich during the October 4th episode of DettoFatto 

(Check from minute 1:04)

Diana is a Milan based expert of sustainable fashion and she chose our clothes for the tutorial Green Style. Diana is a journalist of Natural Style and F weekly magazine.

November 2018


October, 2018

Zerobarracento AW 2018/2019 outfit worn by Diana de Marsanich during the October 4th episode of DettoFatto 

(Check from minute 1:30)

Diana is a Milan based expert of sustainable fashion and she chose our clothes for the tutorial Green Style. Diana is a journalist of Natural Style and F weekly magazine.

October 2018


September, 2018

Zerobarracento included as case study of the “Design for the future” section within the Redress Design Award Magazine vol.5. In the fifth issue, they explore the circular economy and key innovations across the world that are shifting business as usual.

Redress is a pioneering Hong Kong based NGO working to reduce textile waste in the fashion industry. We achieve this through a variety of dynamic programmes which work to minimise the negative impacts of fashion, whilst promoting innovative new models and driving growth towards a more sustainable industry via the circular economy. Working directly with a wide range of stakeholders, including designers, manufacturers, brands, educational bodies, government and consumers, we aim to create lasting environmental change in fashion.

September 2018


July, 2018

EUROVET Happy Hour Sunday 8th, rooftop
Cupro and ROICA™ invited Interfilière attendants to join a EUROVET Happy Hour event on Sunday, July 8th at 7:00 pm on the rooftop terrace. Relax, network and enjoy an evening of brands’ innovations. Hostesses welcomed participants wearing ROICA™ and Cupro premium materials mixed in two unique and contemporary cocktail zero waste dresses created by the Made in Italy brand Zerobarracento with the support of Ipeker, Iluna and Tessitura Colombo.

July 2018


June, 2018

Zerobarracento was featured within the last seasonal episode of Striscia la Notizia, an Italian satirical television program on the Mediaset-controlled Canale 5. Founded in 1988, it is meant to be a parody of the daily news, which airs right before the program, but Striscia also satirizes government corruption and exposes scams with the help of local reporters who are also comedians. The program is directed and produced by Antonio Ricci and is hosted by two major comedians. The name of the show literally translates in English as “the news slither”.

Specifically Zerobarracento was featured as part of the section Occhio al Futuro by Cristina Gabetti, focused on Circular economy.

June 2018


May, 2018

Zerobarracento is proud to be included in the Redress‘ Learn Guide “SUSTAINABILITY IN FIBRES” as case study. Redress is a pioneering Hong Kong based NGO working to reduce textile waste in the fashion industry. They achieve this through a variety of dynamic programmes which work to minimise the negative impacts of fashion, whilst promoting innovative new models and driving growth towards a more sustainable industry via the circular economy. Working directly with a wide range of stakeholders, including designers, manufacturers, brands, educational bodies, government and consumers, they aim to create lasting environmental change in fashion.

May 2018


April 24, 2018

Zerobarracento joins VIC // An Alternative to Fast Fashion , a start-up supported by Silva26 Smart Community Hub, Impact Hub Trentino and the Municipality of Monza.
An innovative business model of sharing + circular fashion in the fashion industry with a focus on 100% sustainability.
A new platform and online community where clothes can be used and then returned. They select the best sustainable brands that provide new clothes and accessories, products with low environmental impact and pure design garments. Being part of the community, you can rent 3 garments every month.

April 2018

Presentazione standard1

April 23, 2018

Zerobarracento has been invited by SDA Bocconi Luxury & Arts and Ethica Club, in occasion of the first day of Fashion Revolution Week 2018, to be part of a panel discussion concerning Ethics in Fashion: Through Traceability Revolutions. The event showcases a number of valuable perspectives providing a 360 degree view of the importance of sustainability and traceability in fashion and luxury. Speakers: Prof. Francesca Romana Rinaldi, SDA Bocconi, Ms. Veronica Tonini, Risk Management & Group Compliance Director Salvatore Ferragamo, Ms. Marina Spadafora, Country Leader Fashion Revolution Italia, Mr. Simone Colombo, Head of Corporate Sustainability OVS SpA, Mr. Daniel Tocca, Founder & CEO Re-Bello, Mr. Matteo Ward, Founder & CEO Wrad, Ms. Camilla Carrara, Founder & CEO Zerobarracento, Ms. Francesca Angeloni, UL Business Development Manager Europe Jewellery and Watches, Mr. Emanuele Bertoli, founder & CMO 1TrueID, Mr. Maurizio Sironi, Manager, Reply Blockchain.

April 2018

Ethics in Fashion_Agenda and Speakers_Pagina_1

February 22, 2018

NY- On February 22, 2018, Zerobarracento was introduced to the audience by Marina Coutelan, Première Vision Product manager – Fashion dept at CFDA Fashion Education Summit. 

The overarching theme of the CFDA’s Seventh Annual Fashion Education Summit was “Materials Matter.” Held from February 22-23, the summit addressed the timely subjects of the environment and science and how the two intersect within the fashion industry. With over 100 designers and educators which included Parsons School of Design, College for Creative Studies, and London College of Fashion, gathered at the Crosby Street Hotel to take part in conversations, workshops and panels that highlighted the ways in which fashion must unite so the future can survive.

February 2018


January 2018

In line with the powerful global trend towards smarter fashion solutions, a new initiative titled ‘Nature Moves Us’ is being presented by Interfilière, a platform dedicated to defining the importance of more sustainable materials and smart, responsible manufacturing while reducing waste, pollutants and focusing on recycling as a smarter way forward for the intimate wear, beach and hosiery sectors. Asahi Kasei has been invited to be a part of this and to showcase their best fabric and fashion smart innovations using its world-renowned ROICA™ and Cupro.
For this area, Asahi Kasei presented a modern take on the zero waste constructed Kimono by Zerobarracento with Cupro redefining nightwear using a delicate fabric from Ipeker made in Cupro hand painted by the expert artisan Silvia Giorgetti.

January 2018


November 2017

Zerobarracento is now selling on Etsy, a human, authentic and community-centric global and local marketplace. The platform is committed to using the power of business to create a better world through platform, members, employees and the communities they serve.

In an Etsy Economy, creative entrepreneurs can find meaningful work selling their goods in both global and local markets, where thoughtful consumers can discover those goods and build relationships with the people who make and sell them.

November 2017

Etsy logo. Courtesy of Etsy.

November 21, 2017

Zerobarracento has been invited to attend on the 19th BUDAPEST FASHION WEEK as a guest designer.

–    Place of event:       Gundel/Elisabeth Queen Ballroom
–    Date of the event:  21-22-23 November, 2017

On the 3 days event 15 designer will present  their latest creations. Additionally to the shows there will be a sightful performance, live act, jewellery and fashion exhibition.
In the past years our seeded sponsor was the MTVA Ltd. (Hungarian Television)
In the past 12 years more than 120 fashion designers attended on the events which were organised
2 times per year  (Spring and Autumn). Approx. 250 fashion shows were presented.

November 2017


October, 2017

Zerobarracento included, as best practice example, in Green Italy report 2017 by Symbola, one of the most renewed analysis on Italian Green Economy. At its 8th edition, the research is realized by Fondazione Symbola and Unioncamere, this year in collaboration with CONAI and with the contribute of Ecopneus, and sponsored by Ministero dell’Ambiente e della Tutela del Territorio e del Mare and by Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico.

October 2017


September 23, 2017

Zerobarracento won the ethical fashion prize @ Mad Mood for the deep research on responsible textile and design. As winner, Zerobarracento CEO Camilla Carrara will have the chance to take part at all Out of Fashion Masterclass 2017-2018 edition. The prize was given by Cavalier Mario Boselli, Camera della Moda’shonorary president.

Waves by Zerobarracento is a really simple and linear outfit inspired by the shades and shapes of the sea. Moreover, patterns are developed with zero-waste techniques that eliminate textile waste at the design stage. The topic of water is not just represented by the “wavy” decoration of the jacket or by the blue colour: behind the outfit there is a deep research on “saving water” materials. All the selected materials are ends end of rolls, this means virgin materials that are usually wasted with a huge loss of values. Small quantities of materials can’t represent an option for usual weavers’ costumers, as for fashion and furnishing brands, but for small design companies, they can be a perfect option!

September 2017


September 1, 2017

Zerobarracento featured on @ Corriere Innovazione – Corriere della Sera.

Since 1876 Corriere della Sera is the first national newspaper for tradition and prestige.
Thanks to its authority and credibility it has been for centuries the center of national life, of which it captures and analyzes social, cultural, political and economic dynamics.

Zerobarracento has been selected as smart solution for the future of fashion together with Orange Fibre – Salvatore Ferragamo, Econyl, American Eagle, Wine Leather and Ecoalf.

A great selection of smart solutions connected with recycling technologies!

September 2017


June 8-9, 2017

Zerobarracento film displayed @ Berlin Fashion Film Festival.

Since its founding in 2012, the Berlin Fashion Film Festival has become a pioneering force in the international creative scene. The BFFF curates a selection of “state-of-the-art filmmaking” and thus provides a focused view of the most exciting works and artists in the seemingly endless amount of content on the net.

In collaboration with a worldwide network of producers, partners and the public, the BFFF is constantly redefining the status quo of filmmaking, networking and other creative possibilities in the exciting field of film and lifestyle, creative culture and mainstream.

At the annual two-day conference, more than 500 filmmakers and opinion leaders from advertising and lifestyle come together in order to get inspiration from and get involved in exciting talks, workshops and film screenings, or to discover new talents in creative speed dating. The Berlin Fashion Film Festival 2017 took place in Berlin on June 8 and 9, 2017.

June 2017


November 15, 2016

Zerobarracento invited @ Budapest Fashion Week as guest fashion designer.
The 17th BUDAPEST FASHION WEEK Autumn Fashion-event will take place at the ITALIAN INSTITUTE OF CULTURE, 1088 Budapest. Bródy Sándor u. 8, 15-16-17 November, 2016.

On the 3 days event 15 designer will present their latest creations. Additionally to the shows there will be a sightful performance, live act, jewellery and fashion exhibition.

In the past 11 years more than 100 fashion designers attended on the events which were organised
2 times per year (Spring and Autumn). Approx. 250 fashion shows were presented.

In the past years the BFW has grown up and became one of the most known fashion event in Hungary with a strong media support.

November 2016


October 29, 2016

Zerobarracento finally on sale online: hessnatur.com section trends!
hessnatur is a clothing company that designs beautiful apparel, as pure in its creation as it is a pleasure to wear.

“The principles we live by are the principles that guide the way we do business. That may sound pretentious (we hope not!), but there is no simpler way to say that the authenticity of our heritage, our compassion and respect toward our planet and its people, the natural processes we employ in the creation of our clothing, are the essence of who we are. Our goal is to be 100% organic in everything we make”.
The brand decided to sponsor Zerobarracento AW 2016/2017 production and is now exclusively selling the unique pieces online.

October 2016


October 22, 2016

MAD Zone  is an innovative, unconventional, ever-evolving concept store, showcasing fashion, art and design: a place of discovery and shopping for unique individual pieces.
Inspired by experimentation and fusion of styles, the store displays, promotes and sells creations from new fresh talents.
MAD Zone is not just a shop, it is many things at once: multi-faceted, forward-thinking, cosmopolitan and contemporary, a creative hub of ideas and inspirations, its trademark lies in one location always reinvented, with ever changing settings.
Zerobarracento is now hosted in MAD Zone as part of a well-researched selection aimed to engage the customers with individual pieces from local and international designers.

October 2016


October 7th 2016

Zerobarracento AW 2016/2017 fashion film screened during the German/Swedish exchange on sustainable fashion presided by Queen Sylvia of Sweden at Bikini Berlin ~ The exhibition and seminar was organized by the Swedish Embassy, the Swedish Institute and the German foundation Hessnatur Stiftung, in cooperation with esmod.berlin on the 7th of October.

A seminar entitled “Facing the Fashion Paradigm Shift – The Relevance of Sustainability”, presented by the Swedish embassy, Bikini Berlin and the Swedish Institute to a number of invited guests from the fashion industry. The event was hosted by a very charming Rolf Heimann, the founding director of the hessnatur Foundation. Speakers included Professor Rebecca Earley from the University of the Arts London and the Chelsea College of Arts, the Sustainability Director of Filippa K, Elin Larsson, Sustainability Manager of H&M, Hendrik Heuermann, and Professor Valentin Rothmaler, the President of Esmod Berlin International.

Photos courtesy of Bikini Berlin and hessnatur

October 2016


Zerobarracento at Mad Mood – MFW Sept 2016

September 23-25th, 2016

Zerobarracento is one of the 28 finalists of Mad Mood fashion contest for emerging designers dedicated to fashion and food.

MadMood Milano, in its first edition, 23, 24 and 25 September 2016 at the exclusive location of Palazzo Giureconsulti, during the fashion week in Milan will also focus on the Mediterranean diet, through design proposals inspired by the typical products of the Italian districts of the Mediterranean Diet.

Camilla Carrara created a zero waste outfit inspired by the multi-layer onion’s peculiarities.

Fabrics are offered by Borgini Jersey and Gruppocinque and made of Newlife™: yarn produced from a unique system of conversion that transforms collected plastic bottles into a polymer that gives birth to impressively beautiful and highly qualitative fabrics. This system, which allows incredible environmental savings, is also 100% made in Italy.”

September 2016


June 2016

Zerobarracento AW2017/2018 was selcected to be exhibited at OSCEdays, Berlin
– JUNE 9-13, 2016
The Open Source Circular Economy Days are a global event to develop a sustainable, circular economy through open source collaboration.

June 2016


Youth Fashion Summit
March 2016 – May 2016

The Danish Fashion Institute, in partnership with KEA and some of the world-leading schools and universities, host the third Youth Fashion Summit in May 2016, in which Camilla was selected to participate. The overall aim is to create a platform for the next generation of decision makers in fashion – from designers to business executives.

March 2016 – May 2016


i:Collect GmbH

July 2016
Every two years, the I:CO AWARD promotes concepts, specific projects and scientific work aimed at helping establish a closed recycling loop for textiles and footwear. The award is presented by I:Collect GmbH and the EPEA international Umweltforschung GmbH.
The project Loop Act, created by Camilla Carrara, Isabelle Regier, Amy Ward, Remo Pollack, Noa Goren, was awarded with the third prize. The only stipulation was that the concept being presented helps bring textiles or shoes into a closed recycling loop so that the resources these items contain can be used again and again. The I:CO AWARD follows the guidelines of the Cradle to Cradle® concept, which provides for the intelligent re-use of resources in closed recycling loops.

July 2016


Creative conscience award
creative conscience

June 2016
Creative Conscience’s aim is to inspire designers to apply their talents to socially valuable projects, promoting sustainability, freedom, social health and well-being. Creative Conscience is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to improve the communities in which we live and work and in turn help transform the wider world. Founded by Chrissy Levett in 2012, Creative Conscience is now in its fourth year and has already reached over 26,000 people. The project Zerobarracento won the third prize in the fashion & textile category. https://www.creative-conscience.org.uk/winners/camilla-carrara/

July 2016


Greenshowroom exhibition and runway BFW January 2016
Messe Frankfurt

January 2016
Messe Frankfurt honored me by offering a stand at the GreenShowroom and two outfits on the runway. Be part of the Berlin fashion Week has been a real honor in particular because Zerobarracento was CHOSEN for this

January 2016


Fast Fashion Exhibition Openin
Deutsche Hygiene-Museum

December 2015
ESMOD Berlin International University of Art for Fashion again cooperates with the extraordinary exhibition „Fast Fashion – The shadow side of the fashion“ showing the freshly graduated Zerobarracento as well as other Master of Sustainability in Fashion Student’s work, from December, 5th 2015 to July, 3rd 2016 at the German Hygiene Museum, Dresden. Took place on the 4th of December, at the exhibition opening, the critical review of the fashion industry including a catwalk that showcased the collections by Zerobarracento.

December 2015


Mentorship Award / MANUFACTUM GMBH & CO. KG

November 2015
Mentorship award from Christine Fehrenbach, director brand development. MANUFACTUM GMBH & CO. KG, for outstanding performance in the international Masters Programme – Sustainability in Fashion – 2014/2015.

November 2015


Recycling Design Preis 2015

Marta Herford Museum & Sparkasse

September 2015

The third prize was awarded to my fashion/textile MA project “Zerobarracento”.

September 2015


Eco Chic Design Award

September 2015
With my zero waste, specially designed for the award, capsule collection I have been selected between one of the 15 European semifinalists.

September 2015